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Who/What is "Flower Totem"?

"Flower Totem" is me, an austrian game-developer, illustrator and musician. I started this project due to my love for oldschool 2D Platformers, illustrating, animating and due to my love/interest for myths and legends. In the case of "Alpland Saga", i was inspired by austrian myths.

What exactly is "Alpland Saga"?

This project is my vision. A vision i started to develope in late 2015. Since then, i try to overcome all the complications and create something, for people who love the charme of simple, oldschool 2D Platformer.

"Alpland Saga" is a "2D - Side Scrolling - Retro - Jump & Run - RPG - Adventure". I'm realising this project as a single person right now. Drawing artwork, arranging/recording/mixing music, planning, programming and doing animations, to just name a few tasks. Therefore i wish i can raise enough money on Kickstarter to get me some help, at least with the programming part.

What about the story and the setting of this game?

As the game is still in a very early phase and i'm also still writing the story, i can't give away too much. What i can tell you is, the whole setting of this game is loosely based on austrian (yeah, that small country south of germany) mythology, legends and fairy tales. At least i use those fables as main influence for the characters and the environment.

Did you ever heard of the "Krampus"? Probably, as it got more popular recently. Well, those demonic entities for an example, will make an appearence as enemies in this game, as well as many other strange beings. The "Alpland", that's the name of the world in which the game takes place, is going to be filled with many unique, charming characters and strange creatures, for the player to explore and interact with. A world with a big variety of distinctive and vast areas.

For atmosphere's sake, there will be many german/austrian terms used, also in the english version. Same goes for most of the characters. Even though people without knowledge about the german language, may have problems with the pronunciation of those special terms, i think it just adds to the charme of the game.