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The main characters

Besides him living together with his cow called "Zita" in the "Domolite Mountains", not much is known about his origins. Legends say, he is able to make himself invisible and loves to play tricks on people. Nobody knows for sure if he can be even considered a human being, which probably applies to most of Alplands population. Furthermore he is in posession of a magical feather-sword, which rests on top of his hat.

"Belouga Crescentia", the daughter of the mighty "Belouga Hex", is a witch living next door to "Peter Pulverer", as she and her mother had to escape the outskirts of "Kreutzstadt". As all the other witches, they were considered a serious threat to "King Adlwarth" and the dreadful "Deermaster". The "Belouga-Clan", among all witches, is famous for their extraordinary power which includes healing-abilities and the use of magical, ballistic weapons.

"Brenner Walburg", once one of "King Adlwarth"s closest guards, quit his duty to serve the king, since the "Deermaster"s uprising, negative influence towards the king, put Walburg to a personal dilemma, which made him leave "Kreutzstadt" to find a new perspective in his life. Rumors say, he was kidnapped as a child, by a powerful creature living in the "Autumn Mountain Caves" , to become a guardian of the mountains. Even though he was obviously able to escape, he is still in the posession of magical powers, given by the creature, which, among other abilities, make him resist to fire or make him explode into a state called "Napalm Rage". His weapon, the "Scherenlanz", a gift given to him by the king, is feared by everyone who ever saw it being used on the battlefield.




A mighty witch, who used to live in the city of "Kreutzstadt". Due to the big dissipation of the witches, she and her daughter "Belouga Crescentia" escaped to the "Dolomite Mountains", finding shelter next to "Pulverer Peter's" hut.

When she was just a little calf, she got separated from her herd and got lost in the "Dolomite Mountains", just to be saved by "Peter Pulverer". Since then they became inseparable friends.

A friendly hermit, living in the "Dolomite Mountains". Being one of "Pulverer Peters" oldest friends, they share the same nature of being lighthearted and impish.

Many strange entities are roaming the "Alplands". The "Wurzelknecht" is one of them. Wandering from town to town, he is quite popular wherever he goes. Even though not much is known about this little fellow, he sure is known to be a clever merchant, who never misses the opportunity, to sell all kind of junk he finds on his travels.

Do you feel like you could have one drink? Or two? Or an amount your body cannot handle anymore, making you lose memories about what happened the last few days? If your answer is yes, you should definitely visit the "Bauxna Wirt" in his pub called "Bauxna Hittn". Besides being a famous innkeeper, known for his frank humour and for his special "Bauxna Shot", an alcoholic drink made of booze, milk and vynegar, he also loves to "dance" for his guests. Just don't forget to pay your drinks, or...

Among the many different races of "Alpland", the "Krampus" are feared by many. Known for their bad behaviour and mercilessness, they mostly live in the wastelands, isolated from society. "Krampuslaus", the leader of a infamous group of mercenaries, was hired by the "Deermaster" to strenghten up the royal forces, displeasing to the citizens of "Kreutzstadt".

The "Schattengeist", dangerous beings with an inordinately lust for power, were chased down by the witches over centuries. The "Deermaster" is one of that kind, hiding inside an armor, longing for revenge and power.

In the magical world of Alpland, populated by humans, magical beings and dreadful creatures, there was a big city called Kreutzstadt, ruled by "King Adlwarth", a honorable man, admired by many. But after years of stability and peace, "Kreutzstadt" began to struggle with a big poverty, which made the king enter into a contract with a being called the "Deermaster". Since the "Deermaster" was put into charge of being the royal tax collector, things really seemed to get better, but "King Adlwarth" was rarely seen.




The "Koblauts", tiny green beings, have spread all over "Alpland". They usually hang out in big groups, who are known for mugging travellers who unfortunately cross their path.

Being half wolf, half pig, those creatures are not the best hunters in the "Alplands", but definitely dangerous when they feel threatened.

Bird-like entities, mostly appearing in the "Needle Woods". Don't stare into their hypnotic eyes for too long!

The "Sichelritter" are the main fighters in the royal army, equipped with a big scythe, they are able to mow down rows of enemies.

The so called "Schildritter" are a division of "King Adlwarths" royal army. As their name implies, they are carrying big, iron-forged shields, covered with sharp spikes, to build an impenetrable barricade on the battlefields.


Legendary Creatures

A very old creature living in the "Moss Caves". Described as a dragon-like being but rarely seen. Rumors say, you can hear it's screams, echoing throughout the cave at night.

More characters coming soon!